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Web Maintenance Scope of Work

While we’d love to help with every website feature you ask for, we have to provide some reasonable limits on what can be accomplished on a monthly basis. Please refer to the table below for a list of tasks that are included / not included our monthly maintenance plans.

Tasks Included with Monthly Maintenance
✅ Adding new pages, posts, or products (content provided by you)
✅ Clean up contact form spam submissions
✅ Edit menu links
✅ Edit website content
✅ Fix & resolve error messages
✅ Install analytics / tracking scripts
✅ Install a site favicon
✅ Install & configure a new plugin
✅ Malware removal
✅ Optimizing images & website assets
✅ Perform a site backup or restore
✅ Replace a photo or background image
✅ Set up a caching plugin
✅ Set up categories on a blog
✅ Site speed test / audit
✅ Small CSS & template tweaks
✅ Update WordPress & Plugins
✅ Website security check & hardening
Tasks NOT Included with Monthly Maintenance
❌ Configure domains / DNS
❌ Convert a non-mobile friendly site into a responsive layout
❌ Creating Google My Business (GMB) listings
❌ Creating / writing website copy
❌ Design work (e.g. mockups, graphic design, etc.)
❌ Develop a new site
❌ Develop a theme
❌ Develop custom plugins
❌ Email deliverability troubleshooting
❌ Fix a broken theme not developed by Vantage
❌ Install SSL certificates or configure hosting for websites not hosted by Vantage
❌ Migrating a site between web hosts
❌ Paid marketing campaigns (PPC), Google Ads, etc.
❌ Phone support
❌ Searching for or purchasing stock imagery
❌ SEO efforts (Search Engine Optimization)
❌ Setting up Google apps or Google workspace
❌ Troubleshoot IDX / MLS issues