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Web Design Process

Initial Planning & On-boarding

Once we receive the details and requirements for your project, we begin performing initial research, project planning, and client on-boarding.

You’ll also be invited to our project management platform where you can access everything relating to your project.

Sitemap & Content Outline

Next, you’ll receive an outline of how your website pages will be structured along with the types of content that are expected to appear on each page.

Low-Fidelity Wireframing

Once the page sitemap and content outline have been defined, you’ll receive grayscale, low-fidelity wireframes of how we envision the various sections and elements to be laid out on the page.

These wireframes are intentionally simplified to help guide the design. Think of these as the “blueprint” or “floor plan” of your website.

High Quality Design

After the wireframing phase, we then move onto creating high-quality design compositions based on the approved wireframe layouts.

This is where you get to see all the colors, fonts, branding, and imagery for your new website.

Development & Coding

Next, we begin all of the technical development and coding based on the approved design compositions. This includes development server setup, content management system installation, and website theming.

This is where everything “comes to life” in the form of a fully-functioning website with interactive elements.

Launch & Migration

Once all the coding has been completed, then it comes time for launch and migration of the website to the final hosting environment.

We’ll also handle things such as 301 redirects (redirecting old URLs to new ones) and make sure Google Analytics or Tag Manager are installed on the website when it comes time to go live.

But it doesn't end there...

Getting your website designed and developed is just the first step to ensuring digital success. Don’t forget to take advantage of our monthly blogging and web maintenance services to keep your site’s content fresh and to ensure your website is running as smooth as possible month-to-month!

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